Dec 4

Tide, Tigers, Buckeyes and Huskies to Battle for #1

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington are your 4 Playoff teams...


#1 Alabama vs #4 Washington - Atlanta - New Year's Eve - 4:00


#2 Clemson vs #3 Ohio State - Glendale - New Year's Eve - 7:00

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Nov 30

Championship Weekend Predictions

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

One more batch of games will go down before the final Playoff poll comes out this Sunday evening. Realistically, only 7 or 8 teams still have a chance to make a run at a national title. The Big Ten is the conference that will have the biggest impact on the Playoff as 4 teams from that league still hang on to dreams of playing for it all, and this weekend's title game will shake up the rankings one way or another...Michigan, Ohio State, Penn state and Wisconsin all feel they are worthy for the Fiesta or Peach Bowls....Alabama clearly is in, and Clemson and Washington sit pretty, as well, should they win their conference games...But anything is possible in the wild world of college football...Here are my predictions for the games of Championship Weekend....

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Nov 23

Rivalry Weekend Predictions

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Rivalry week is here. This is the week you don't wave to that neighbor with the opposing team's flag in their yard. You don't "like" any statuses on social media of anyone or anything having even the most remote connection to that hated opponent. You don't dare wear a color that would suggest you might pull for said hated team. You just don't. Your whole existence this week is to make it to the game, and prove once and for all in your loudest voice that your team is once again far superior to that ass-bag excuse for a football team on the other sideline. Yes, good ole college football at its best. Let's get it on.

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Nov 17

Ten Things - Week Eleven

Posted By:Wes Mewbourne - Birmingham, AL

Upsets, upsets everywhere.  Goodness, what a crazy weekend of football.  What looked on paper as a relatively slow day (the only top ten team playing another ranked team was #4 Washington), but by the end of it chaos broke out.  In what seemed to be the year where the playoff could nicely produce exactly four undefeated conference champions, all it took was one week to have that number dwindle to one.  But hey, such is life in the world of college football.  Here’s a review of the week that was in this edition of Ten Things…

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